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Areas of expertise: Climate Change, Atmospheric Science

Biography, Education and Training

B. Sc., Chemical Engineering, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada M. Sc., Ph. D., Environmental Engineering Science, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA

Areas of expertise: Chemistry, Aerosols, Atmospheric Science, Environmental Studies, Oceanography, Sustainability

Biography, Education and Training

Research Interests Global biogeochemical cycle of mercury Sea-air transfer of methylated mercury and impacts on coastal marine fog Fog water collection methods Using lichen as a bioindicator of atmospheric mercury deposition Mercury bioaccumulation in coastal terrestrial food webs Measuring isotopes of mercury for source apportionment Pollution source-receptor model validation using measurements Gas sensing with nanoparticles Environmental toxicology and justice Teaching Interests&... more »

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Michael Loik



Areas of expertise: Climate Change, Climatology, Water, Plant Sciences, Plant Biology, Atmospheric Science, Ecology, Hydrology

Biography, Education and Training

Postdoc, ESPM&ERG, UC Berkeley  Ph.D., Biology, Univ California, Los Angeles M.Sc., Botany, University of Toronto B.Sc., Biology, University of Toronto

Elliott Elliot Campbell

Elliott Elliot Campbell

Gliessman Presidential Chair in Water Resources and Food Sustainability, Professor

Environmental Studies Department

Areas of expertise: Environmental Engineering, Renewable Energy, Climate Change, Atmospheric Science, Agroecology and Agriculture

Biography, Education and Training

Dr. Elliott Campbell is Professor and Stephen R. Gliessman Presidential Chair in Water Resources and Food System Sustainability in the Environmental Studies Department at UC Santa Cruz. Dr. Campbell's research emphasizes the use of regional and global computer models to extrapolate from small-scale field measurements to policy-relevant spatial scales, particularly within the context of agroecology and global biogeochemical cycles. This work has led to his CAREER award from the National Science F... more »

Areas of expertise: Mathematics, Computational Modeling, Atmospheric Science

Biography, Education and Training

I am also an Adjunct Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of California at Santa Cruz. I am also a Distinguished Professor and the Chair of Applied Mathematics at the Naval Postgraduate School.  At NPS, I am a founding member of the Scientific Computing group and director of the Center for Computational Mathematics.    My research is in the general area of Scientific Computing. My current interests are: 1) continuous and discontinuous Galerkin methods for... more »

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