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Areas of expertise: Ethnography, Mass Media, Performance, Latin American and Latino Studies, LGBT+, Queer Studies

Biography, Education and Training

I'm an anthropologist specialized in the ethnography of media. My first book is on the accomplishment of femininity among beauty pageant contestants (misses) and transgender women (transformistas) in Venezuela. My work focuses on the role of the imaginary in the survival of queer and transgender people in Latin America, and the place of these subjects in the nation. I am co-founder of El/La Para TransLatinas in the Mission District of San Francisco, CA, a social justice organization that pr... more »

Areas of expertise: Sexuality, LGBT+, Psychology, Queer Studies, Social Justice, Social Psychology

Biography, Education and Training

PhD, University of Chicago MA, Loyola University, Chicago AB, Georgetown University

B Ruby Rich

B Ruby Rich

Professor, Film and Digital Media Department, Social Documentation MFA Program

Film and Digital Media Department

Press Contact




Areas of expertise: Aesthetics, Film, Latin American and Latino Studies, Personal and Social Identities, Digital Media, Contemporary Art, Documentary Studies, Feminist Studies, LGBT+, Cultural Studies

Biography, Education and Training

B. Ruby Rich is a Professor of Film and Digital Media, specializing in the Social Documentation graduate program. She is also Editor of Film Quarterly (UC Press), the oldest film journal in the U.S. With a long history in film festival curating, museum exhibition, and public philanthropy before entering academia, she continues to participate in panels and juries at such major film festivals as Sundance, Toronto, and Provincetown. She is the author of New Queer Cinema: The Director's Cut (1998) a... more »

Cynthia Cruz

Cynthia Cruz

Associate Professor

Education Department

Areas of expertise: LGBT+, Diversity, Teacher Education, Ethnography, Social Justice

Biography, Education and Training

My research focuses on youth resistance, pedagogy, and testimonial narratives in urban educational spaces, with particular attention paid to the life experiences of LGBTQ street youth. I am also engaged in the conversation of how we represent youth of color in educational research, where deficit and other culture of poverty models often divest youth and their communities of agency or naturalize discourses of criminalization and poverty. It is through ethnography where I am able to engage and ext... more »

Brenda S Lara

Brenda S Lara

UC President's Postdoctoral Fellow

Literature Department

Areas of expertise: Chicana/o Studies, Archives, Archival Practices, Death/Mortality Studies, Epistemology, LGBT+, Critical Theory

Biography, Education and Training

Brenda Selena Lara (she/they/ella) is a UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Santa Cruz’s Literature Department. She received her doctoral degree from UCLA’s Cesar Chavez Department of Chicana/o and Central American Studies with an emphasis in Gender Studies and Experimental Critical Theory. Born and raised in South Los Angeles, her upbringing influences her historical, theoretical, and literary research analyzing LGBTQ+ Latinxs’ lives, knowledge, and deaths. Bre... more »

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