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Areas of expertise: China, Economics, International and Global Affairs, Asian Studies, International Finance, Business Management, Foreign Policy, Pacific Rim, Development Economics, Latin American and Latino Studies

Biography, Education and Training

K.C. Fung is a Full Professor of Economics (with tenure) at the University of California, Santa Cruz.  He is active in research in international trade, international finance, economic development, China, Japan and Asian economies. According to his latest official University of California merit review, based on research, teaching and service, his performance was evaluated to be "highly meritorious".  His latest book is on Sino-Latin American Economic Relationships. In the Fall of 2017... more »

Areas of expertise: International Finance, Monetary Policy, Finance, Globalization

Biography, Education and Training

Michael Hutchison is Distinguished Professor of Economics at UC Santa Cruz. Previous full-time positions include the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. He has been a visiting scholar at the Bank of Japan, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, the IMF, the Asian Development Bank, the Central Bank of the Netherlands, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and other institutions. His research interests center on international finance and open... more »

Areas of expertise: Computational Economics, International Finance, Labor Economics, Macroeconomics

Biography, Education and Training

Cornell University Ph.D. in Economics

Chenyue Hu

Chenyue Hu

Assistant Professor

Economics Department

Areas of expertise: Macroeconomics, International Finance

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