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  Stacy M Philpott

Stacy M Philpott



831-459-4015 (Fax)


she, her, her, hers, herself

Social Sciences Division

Environmental Studies Department

Ruth & Alfred Heller Chair in Agroecology
Faculty Director, Center for Agroecology


Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems
Dolores Huerta Research Center for the Americas

Regular Faculty

Agroecology and Agriculture
Environmental Studies

Nat Sci 2 Main Building

Spring 2024 - Mondays 2:45-4:30 (ON ZOOM, see sign up @ WebSites)

Environmental Studies

B.S. in Zoology (University of Washington, 1995)

Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (University of Michigan, 2004)

Key Interests: agroecology, biodiversity, climate change, community ecology, conservation biology, ecosystem services, food sovereignty, landscape ecology, insects, tropical biology, urban ecology

My research is situated at the intersesction of agroecology and conservation biology and is generally aimed at understanding how agroecological management of farms and landscapes can contribute to biodiversity conservation, sustainable agricultural production, and to improvement of farmer well-being. I strive to select research themes and projects that both advance our knowledge of basic ecological principals, but that also have strong applications. Over my career, I have focused on two systemms - coffee agroecosystems, mainly in Chiapas, Mexico, and urban agroecosysstems, mainly in California. 


2021 - Ecological Society of America Fellow

2020 - Ashton Prize for Best Student Paper - Jimenez-Soto et al. (2019) Biotropica 51:50-61

2020 - Most Cited Article Award - Hall et al. (2017) Conservation Biology 31:24-29

2018 - Most Cited Article Award - Lin et al. (2015) Basic and Applied Ecology 16:189-201

2017 - UCSC Chancellor's Achievement Award for Diversity

2011 - Dion D Raftopoulos Award for Outstanding Research, Sigma Xi, U. of Toledo 

2011 - Faculty Excellence Award, U. of Toledo

2010 - Outstanding Advisor Award Nominee, U. of Toledo

2010 - Master Teacher Award, U. of Toledo

2010 - Highlight Article Award - Livingston & Philpott (2010) Ecological Research 25:1129-1140

2010 - Top Cited Article Award - Philpott & Armbrecht (2006) Ecological Entommology 31:369-377

2009 - Must Read Article Award from Faculty of 1000 Biology - Philpott et al. (2009) Ecological Applications 19:1858-1867


For a full list of my publications, please see:

ENVS 100 - Ecology and Society
ENVS 131 - Insect Ecology
ENVS 133 - Agroecology Practicum
ENVS 130C - Field Research Experiences in Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems

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