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  Neil Schaefer

Neil Schaefer

Continuing Lecturer



Undergraduate Education

Rachel Carson College

Continuing Lecturer



Environmental Studies

Rachel Carson College Academic Building

Office hours and location vary from quarter to quarter

Rachel Carson College Faculty Services

- Lecturer with a Continuing Appointment, Rachel Carson College, UCSC, 2016-present

- Lecturer, Rachel Carson College, UCSC, 2001-2016

- Lecturer, Stevenson College, UCSC, 2000-2009

- MA and PhD in Philosophy, UMass Amherst, 1998

- BA in Psychology, UCSC, 1984

- BSC in Finance, Santa Clara University, 1983

- Graduate of General Electric Company's Human Resources Leadership Program, 1985

- I worked in HR in the high-technology, aviation, and nuclear energy industries for four years prior to graduate school. Positions included union relations, compensation, benefits, communications, and recruiting.

Environmental Studies, Academic Literacy and Ethos, Writing, Environmental Films, Philosophy, and the world’s “Great Books”.

- Academic Literacy and Ethos: Environment and Society (Fall Quarters)
- Environment and Society in Film (Spring Quarters)

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