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  Mathis P Hain

Mathis P Hain

Associate Professor



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Physical & Biological Sciences Division

Earth & Planetary Sciences Department
Ocean Sciences Department

Associate Professor


Ocean Sciences Department

Regular Faculty

Earth Sciences

Earth & Marine Sciences

Earth and Planetary Sciences

2003-2008: Dipl. Geol. University of Potsdam, Germany

2008-2013: Ph.D. Princeton University, USA

2013-2018: NERC Independent Research Fellow, University of Southampton, UK

2018+ : Faculty, UC Santa Cruz, Earth and Planetary Sciecnes

 I am looking for PhD student applications before the January deadline. If you think about applying, please check out and get in touch.

My research is motivated by a deep fascination for Earth history. In the age of man-made alteration of the environment it is becoming a high priority to develop a detailed understanding of natural geochemical, biological and physical Earth System processes as well as their respective coupling on various timescales. Therefore, I take a computational approach to reconstruct the biogeochemical evolution of the ocean and atmosphere, with a special emphasis on the global carbon cycle and its relationship to the biological utilization of nutrients in the ocean. 

Fundam EnvSci (ESCI100A), Intro SciComp (EART119A), Advanced SciComp. (EART119B)

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