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  Matthew E Clapham

Matthew E Clapham

Professor and Department Chair



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Physical & Biological Sciences Division

Earth & Planetary Sciences Department

Professor and Department Chair


Institute of Marine Sciences

Regular Faculty

Earth Sciences


Earth & Marine Sciences

Earth and Planetary Sciences

Ph.D. (2006), University of Southern California
M.Sc. (2002), Queen's University (Kingston)
B.Sc. (2000), University of British Columbia

Invertebrate Paleontology, Paleoecology

  • Biotic effects of global change. How did ocean warming, acidification, and deoxygenation affect marine organisms during ancient mass extinctions? In particular, how did organism physiology influence survival during global change?
  • Rise of the modern evolutionary fauna. What led to long-term ecological change in marine ecosystems, especially the shift from brachiopod to bivalve dominance?
  • Cephalopod morphology. What controls evolutionary trends in the shell shape of ammonoid and nautilid cephalopods?

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EART7 - History of Life
EART101 - Invertebrate Paleobiology
EART120 - Sedimentology & Stratigraphy
EART125 - Statistics and Data Analysis in the Geosciences

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