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  Kara Skinner

Kara Skinner

DRC Service Coordinator



Student Affairs and Success

Disability Resource Center

DRC Service Coordinator


Bay Tree Bookstore

Disability Resource Center


I'm Kara (care-uh)! I am a service coordinator for the DRC. UCSC holds a special place in my heart-- I'm an alumna (Merrill college, by the way), I met my spouse here, and this was the place where I feel like I first start on my journey to being 'me.' A university education, especially one like the one our students get at UCSC, should be transformative and empowering. My work here at DRC is to provide access to whatever that experience looks like for our students with disabilities here on campus.

As a sibling of a person with several coexisting disabilities as well as a person who identifies as neuro-atypical, my passion for disability justice has been with me since I realized I was going to be the big sister of a disabled person. I feel blessed to have been able to be aware from a very early age that there's more than one way to look at the world; just because 'most people' do something one way, doesn't make it the only way. I love figuring out solutions to accessibility barriers, especially when it can be done collaboratively.

I also love learning! My undergrad degree was in Classical Studies, I have a single-subject teaching credential in Social Science, and my current area of research is in the transition from secondary to tertiary education for students with disabilities. I love to hear about what our students and faculty are up to, so please info-dump your research to me. :)

In my personal time, I love running, cooking, and spending time with my spouse (also a UCSC/Merrill alumnus) and our pets (a little dog and some pigeons). Our favorite thing to do is go on a long walk either by the water or through one of the many hiking trails in Monterey Bay looking for mushrooms, cool plants and interesting animals.

I look forward to working with you!

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