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  Iftikhar Islam

Iftikhar Islam

Postdoctoral Scholar



Physical & Biological Sciences Division

Institute of Marine Sciences

Postdoctoral Scholar


IMS-Fisheries Collaborative Program


Remote work location


With a Ph.D. specialization in 'Water Informatics,' my work focuses on water resources systems and security, including water quality and quantity. I researched climate change's impact on hydrology and developed data-driven methods to detect critical factors that altered the relationship between expected runoff and all other geo-hydro-climatic variables; I also investigated different models to simulate hydrologic response. A part of my research assessed groundwater quality, predicting the areal extent of regulatory standard exceedance for health risks. I consulted on several transnational projects (ADB, World Bank, USAID) and managed compliance as a water manager in the New Mexico State Organization. I have experienced diverse cultural environments, transitioning from my upbringing in South Asia to studying in Sweden, where I immersed myself in Scandinavian culture. Subsequently, I embraced cultural diversity while studying at a Hispanic-serving University in the United States. My research interest is analyzing the impacts of climate change on natural and human systems and identifying vulnerability and resilience.


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