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  Jody Greene

Jody Greene

Associate Campus Provost for Academic Success

(831) 459-4230


they, them, their, theirs, themself

Humanities Division

Literature Department

Associate Campus Provost for Academic Success
Professor of Literature


Chancellor's Office/EVC

Regular Faculty

Learning and Learning Theory
Intellectual Property
Print Media
Human Rights
Queer Studies

Kerr Hall

1 HUM 635

by appointment

Chancellor's Office

Research: Critical theory, especially poststructuralism; history of literature; history of authorship and publishing; history of the book; ethics; human rights; international law; intellectual property; seventeenth- and eighteenth-century British literature. 

Presently: Founding Director of the campus teaching center, the Center for Innovations in Teaching and Learning. Also UCSC's first Associate Vice Provost in Teaching and Learning. Research/theory-to-practice framework since 2016, with particular attention to educational equity, universal design for learning, trauma-informed pedagogy, and novel approaches to improving and assessing teaching effectiveness. 

History of the book, authorship, and publishing; 17th- and 18th-century British and French literature and culture; pre- and early modern studies; critical theory; human rights law; poststructuralism; ethics; law and literature. 

Literary Theory: Authorship
Reading the Traditional British Canon I: Marie de France to Samuel Johnson
The Eighteenth-Century British Novel
On Human Property, 1600-1750
Literacy, Writing, and the Coming of the Book
Seventeenth-Century English Poetry

What is Literature?
Histories of the Book
Theories and Practices of the Novel

John Dizikes Teaching Award in the Humanities

UCSC Academic Senate Excellence in Teaching Award (twice)


  • 2023 Teaching Environmental Justice (co-edited with Sikina Jinnah, Jessie DuBreuil, and Samara Foster), Edward Elgar Press 
  • 2020 Human Rights after Corporate Personhood (co-edited with Sharif Youssef), Toronto: University of Toronto Press
  • 2005 The Trouble with Ownership: Literary Property and Authorial Liability in England, 1660-1730. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.
  • 2007 Derrida's Eighteenth Century, a special issue of Eighteenth-Century Studies in honor of the work of Jacques Derrida. ECS 40.3.
  • 2004 In Memoriam, a special issue of GLQ in honor of Alan Bray. GLQ 10.3.
  • Articles in Professional Journals
  • 2016 "The Sword that Cuts Two into One," Eighteenth-Century Studies 50.1
  • 2010 "Captain Singleton: An Epic of Mitsein?" The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interprepation 52.3-4
  • "Hostis Humani Generis," Critical Inquiry 34
  • 2009 "Melancholia's Meerkat," PMLA 124.5
  • 2007 "Ego non sum ego: John Dunton and the Consolations of Print," The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation 50.2-3.
  • 2006 "Francis Kirkman's Counterfeit Authority: Autobiography, Subjectivity, Print," PMLA 121.1.
  • 2003 "Public Secrets: Sodomy and the Pillory in the Eighteenth Century, and Beyond," The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation. 44.2-3.
  • 1994 " 'You Must Eat Men: The Sodomitic Economy of Renaissance Patronage,' " GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies, 1.2. Reprinted in Shakespeare and Gender, ed. Stephen Orgel and Sean Keilen (New York: Garland Publishing, 1999).
  • 1991 "New Historicism and Its New World Discoveries," Yale Journal of Criticism, 4.2.
  • 2003 "Perversions of Sappho," in Love, Sex, Friendship and Intimacy Between Men, 1550-1800, ed. Katherine O`Donnell and Michael O'Rourke (London: Palgrave/Macmillan)
  • 2003 "Arbitrary Tastes and Commonsense Pleasures," in Launching Fanny Hill: Essays on the Novel and Its Influences, ed. Patsy Fowler and Alan Jackson (New York: AMS Press).
  • 1999 Entries for Hannah Snell, Mary Collyer, Charlotte Forman, Mary Hearne, Elizabeth Thomas, Sara Paretsky, Joan Nestle, Andrew Dworkin, Lillian Faderman, and Radclyffe Hall, Cambridge Guide to Women's Writing in English, ed. Lorna Sage (Cambridge University Press).

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