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  Ryan J Foley

Ryan J Foley

Assistant Professor



he, him, his, his, himself

Physical & Biological Sciences Division

Astronomy & Astrophysics Department

Assistant Professor


Regular Faculty

Big Data

Interdisciplinary Sciences Building

UCO / Lick Observatory

Time-domain astronomy and astrophysical transients

Gravitational-wave sources and their electromagnetic counterparts

Supernova cosmology, Hubble constant, and dark energy

Santa Cruz NEXTies Honoree (Wildcard Category)

Kavli Fellow

Packard Fellow in Science and Engineering

Sloan Research Fellow

Aspen Center for Physics Block Award

UC Berkeley Uhl Prize for Outstanding Scholarly Achievement

Davis, Kyle (kywdavis)
Rojas-Bravo, César (crojasbr)
Bustamante, Maria (mlvaugha)
Macias, Phillip (pmacias)
Taggart, Kirsty (kltaggar)
Arunachalam, Prasiddha (parunach)

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