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  Emily Reigh

Emily Reigh

Assistant Professor of Science Education


she, her, her, hers, herself

Social Sciences Division

Education Department

Assistant Professor of Science Education


Science Education
Bilingualism, Multilingualism

McHenry Library

By appointment

Education Department

Postdoctoral Fellow, Writing Data Stories, University of California, Berkeley

Postdoctoral Researcher, Science in the City Lab, Stanford University

Ph.D., Science Education, Race, Inequality and Language in Education, Stanford University

M.A., Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, The American University in Cairo, Egypt

B.S., Chemistry, University of Oklahoma

B.A., Letters, University of Oklahoma

K-12 Science Education, Cultural and Linguistic Diversity, Raciolinguistic Ideologies, Disciplinary Practices, Social Justice Issues in Science, Research-Practice Partnerships, Teacher Learning, Teacher-Researcher Co-Design

Emily Reigh studies how to create opportunities for students from minoritized language backgrounds to engage in the disciplinary practices of science.  Her research builds on her experience as science teacher in the United States and Egypt, as well as her background in teaching and learning languages.  She draws from sociocultural and critical theories to study how K-12 science teachers engage students’ existing cultural and linguistic practices, as well as how teachers resist the institutional structures that systematically devalue these resources.  Relatedly, she seeks to expand traditional views of science practices to include embodied sensemaking, storytelling, and historicization.  Emily's most recent project investigates how newcomer students engage with local and global issues of climate justice, focusing on how they connect personal narratives to reasoning about large-scale data sets.  She serves on the leadership council of Science Educators for Equity, Diversity, and Social Justice.

Supporting Teachers in Implementing Justice-Centered Climate Change Pedagogy (2023 – 2025)

PI:  Helen Fitzmaurice

PI (subaward):  Emily Reigh

Funder:  UC Climate Action Grant

Award: $1,400,000

UCSC Subaward:  $104,000

UCSC News Article


Supporting Multilingual Learners in Scientific Sensemaking through an Interactional Approach to Language (2020 – 2023)

PI:  Emily Reigh

Funder:  California Science Project

Award:  $90,000

Reigh, E., Arastoopour Irgens, G., McBride, C., Quiterio, A., Wilkerson, M. (in press). Critical Data Literacies. In M. Winn and L. Winn (Eds). Bloomsbury Encyclopaedia of Social Justice in Education.


Li, T., Reigh, E., He, P., & Adah Miller, E. (2023). Can we and should we use artificial intelligence for formative assessment in science? Journal of Research in Science Teaching. 60(6), 1-5. https://doi:10.1002/tea.21867


Robillard, S, Reigh, E., Garcia, J., Suzara, M., & Garcia, A. (2023). All hands on deck: exploring how Latinx families in California supported child learning during the initial Covid-19 shutdown. Journal of Family Studies, 1-21.


Reigh, E., Miller, E., Simani, M. (2023). Towards Equity for Multilingual Learners through the NGSS. Science and Children. 60(4).


Reigh, E., Escudé, M., Bakal, M., Rivero, E., Wei, X., Roberto, C., Hernández, D., Yada, A., Gutiérrez, K., & Wilkerson, M. H. (2022). Mapping racespace: Data stories as a tool for environmental and spatial justice. Bank Street Occasional Paper Series, (48), 79-95. DOI:


Miller, E., Reigh, E., Berland, L., & Krajcik, J. (2021). Supporting equity in virtual science instruction through project-based learning: Opportunities and challenges in the era of COVID-19. Journal of Science Teacher Education, 32(6), 1-22.

EDUC 230: Science Education Research and Practice
EDUC 231: Teaching Science in the Secondary Classroom

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