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  Eric Peter Palkovacs

Eric Peter Palkovacs

Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

831-502-7387 (Office)


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Physical & Biological Sciences Division

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Department
IMS-Fisheries Collaborative Program
Office of Research

Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Associate Vice Chancellor for Research
Director, Fisheries Collaborative Program


Coastal Science & Policy Program
Environmental Studies Department

Regular Faculty

Climate Change
Coastal Science
Endangered Species

Palkovacs Lab

CSC Coastal Biology Building
CBB 225

CBB/EE Biology

B.S. University of Michigan
Ph.D. Yale University

Freshwater ecology, eco-evolutionary dynamics, fisheries and fish ecology

I am interested in the eco-evolutionary dynamics of aquatic ecosystems. The study of eco-evolutionary dynamics focuses on bi-directional interactions occurring between ecology and evolution in nature. I examine how evolution shapes populations, communities, and ecosystems and how these ecological changes feed back to shape the trajectory of evolution. Because my research is at the interface of ecology and evolution, I utilize a diversity of techniques and approaches. In particular, I combine surveys of genetic, phenotypic, and ecological variation in nature with field and laboratory experiments to test the mechanisms underlying observed patterns. My research addresses basic questions in evolutionary ecology and applied questions in conservation biology and fisheries management.

Freshwater Ecology
Fisheries Ecology

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