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  Douglas N Lin

Douglas N Lin



Physical & Biological Sciences Division

Astronomy & Astrophysics Department



Regular Faculty


Web Page

ISB 337

UCO / Lick Observatory

PhD, Cambridge 1976
Postdoc, Cambridge & Harvard 1979-1979
Assistant Professor, UCSC, 1979-1982
Associate Professor, UCSC, 1982-1985
Full Professor, UCSC, 1985-Present
Guggenheim Fellow, Otto Schmidt Medal, von Humboldt Fellow
Sackler Fellow, Member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Director, Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics

Theory of planetary formation and evolution is a natural area for me to focus my research activities for several reasons. First, we are currently in the midst of a revolution in the search for extra solar planets. In little over a decade, over 200 extra solar planets have been discovered. These valuable data drive theorists like myself to explore new ideas to account for the ubiquity of planets and diversity of planetary systems. My goal is to construct a unified theory which can explain the statistical properties of planetary systems.

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