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  Beth Alison Shapiro

Beth Alison Shapiro


831-459-3003 (Office)

831-459-3009 (Lab)


Physical & Biological Sciences Division

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Department
Genomics Institute

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor


Genomics Institute
Rachel Carson College
Cowell College

Regular Faculty

Ancient DNA
Molecular Evolution

Biomedical Sciences

219 CBB

Tuesdays 11:30-12:30 or by appointment

CBB/EE Biology

BS, Ecology, University of Georgia (1999)
MS, Ecology, University of Georgia (1999)
DPhil, Zoology, Oxford University (2003)

Molecular evolution; Genome evolution; Ancient DNA

My research aims to better understand how populations and species change through time, in particular in in response to environmental and other changes to their habitat. To address this, my group uses the latest experimental and computational approaches to analyze genetic information isolated from fossil and archived remains. I am particularly interested in learning what drives two particularly important evolutionary processes: speciation and extinction.

Evolutionary Biology
Molecular Ecology

Packard Fellow, 2010
PopTech Science and Public Leadership Fellow, 2010
National Geographic Emerging Explorer, 2010
MacArthur Fellow, 2009
Searle Scholar, 2009
University Research Fellow, The Royal Society, 2006
Rhodes Scholar, 1999

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